Almighty Textiles Priority

Our company priority is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in economic price.We always look ahead for continual improvements through system & process reliability,employees involvement,community well fair & fair dealings.

Almighty Quality Process

Our product are tested & Certified by our technical staff with the help of modern laboratories, which means our product meet the Human ecological requirements. Our polyester fabric is also being tested free from Allergenous disperse Dyes. During our fabric processing, we work in compliance with AATCC, ISO, DIN, OKO 100 Standards and can comply following tests.

  • Color Fastness To Water.
  • Color Fastness To Washing.
  • Color Fastness To Rubbing in Dry / Wet.
  • Color Fastness To Perspiration.
  • Color Fastness To Light.
  • Absorbency Tests.
  • Fiber Analysis.
  • Shrinkage Test (Dimensional Stability To Washing).
  • Appearance Tests.

Any other standard can be worked out depending on details provided by respective customers During our inline & final inspection of the finished product, we follow all international levels.

Final Inspection Of The Goods

At Almighty Textiles our Inspection conforms to the recommended international parameters. Our quality inspections and tests are often carried out in-house, otherwise we have complete access to all lab. tests and facilities: tests include:

  • Visual Inspections.
  • Quantity, Packing & Marking Check.
  • Material Touch & Feel.
  • Color/Shade Check.
  • Measurement Check.